Bucket List


Life moves fast and there’s plenty to do. It can become impossible to be productive without a list. I make lists to stay on track with lots of things. This is going to be my general bucket list, making sure that I have as many adventures as possible.

1. Eat a traditional Irish Breakfast (wish I didn’t look up the definition of Black Pudding)
2. Go Skydiving
3. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto
4. Visit Las Vegas and behave
5. Travel from London to Paris on the underwater train (channel tunnel)
6. Complete an 8K Race Ran the Shamrock Shuffle with Holly 04/10/11 in 1:11:57
7. Get a facial and manicure I’ve now had a facial, pedicure, and manicure!
8. Visit a small Irish countryside town Lived in Knightstown, Ireland for 2 week May 2011
9. Volunteer/Tutor young children or be a mentor
10. Visit a country in Asia
11. Spit into the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls
12. See a Shakepeare play performed live Attended the production of “Much Ado About Nothing” starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate on May 19th 2011 at the Wyndham Theatre in London’s West End
13. Ride an Elephant or Camel in a Foreign Country
14. Drive a car on the left side of the road (legally) Drove in County Kerry Ireland, I have pictures to prove it!
15. Go to Hogwarts… I mean the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
16. Complete a mud run and do all obstacles
17. Finish my Masters Thesis and PASS! Completed on 12/3/2012
18. Buy a fancy kitchen appliance like a bread maker!
19. Buy a Heart Rate Monitor Dan bought one for my 27th birthday 🙂
20. Try Grits Tried grits 02/04/12 at a Waffle House in KY
21. Take a karate or kickboxing class (or something very similar) Took Cardio Boxing at Southside Knockout Training
22. Buy a mountain bike Got a mountain bike Summer of 2014
23. Go hiking at Starved Rock  Completed summer of 2014
24. Get a massage
25. Revisit Crested Butte, CO
26. Road trip to a new place for a weekend Road trip to Louisville, KY 02/03/12 – 02/05/12 with Daniel
27. Turn 27… it’s my Golden Birthday so I’m going with it! Completed on 2/27/12
28. Publish a paper in a Journal (Online or Print)
29. Revisit Yellowstone Park
30. Go to a Chicago Bears Game
31. Read A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
32. Read Catch 22
33. Make someone breakfast in bed Made Danny Boy breakfast in bed 2/18/12
34. Visit a unique bakery in Chicago
35. Read To Kill a Mockingbird Read Summer 2015 while traveling to Florida Keys
36. Practice my German speaking skills so I can use while I travel
37. Present a Paper at a Conference Presented paper to the Southern Humanities Conference 02/05/12
38. Apply to a PhD Program
39. Take a nutrition class
40. Reread James Joyce’s Ulysses
41. Visit the cafe in Edinburgh where JK started writing HP
42. Buy a dress from another culture (Sari or Kimono)
43. Complete a Half-Marathon
44. Go Canoeing or White Water Rafting  Went Whitewater Rafting in Ocoee, TN 07/31/14
45. Test drive a Smart Car
46. See a live Rugby game
47. Take a swing dance lesson
48. Rock climbing on an indoor wall
49. Visit a rainforest Went zip-lining in Cancun, Mexico Summer 2012
50. Quit Smoking
51. Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland
52. Read a book about Cultural Anthropology
53. Attend a festival in another country, Carnivale or Oktoberfest
54. Visit a Buddhist Temple/Cultural Center
55. Grow my own veggies in a garden
56. Attend a wine tasting
57. Read an Agatha Christie Novel
58. Clean out closets and give to salvation army Completed in the Summer 2012
59. Build a habit of weekly meditation
60. Adopt a cat or dog from an Animal Shelter  Adopted Luna and Martha in February 2014
61. Have a plant and remember to water it I completed this even though the plant died! Summer 2013
62. People watch at a hick bar Did this at a bar outside Louisville, KY 2/3/12
63. See a jazz band perform live in New Orleans
64. Visit the Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic
65. Attend a Lecture at the Chicago Cultural Center Attended a lecture at Chicago Cultural Center on 5/4/12 (about James Joyce’s Ulysses)
66.  Dress as a Blues Brother for Halloween
67. Visit Lincoln Park Zoo
68.  See one of the concentration camps for myself
69. Be under 200lbs for one full year
70. Try Indian Food
71. Pay off all student loans
72. Host a Dinner Party for friends
73. Go 30 days without fast food  I did this in 2013
74. Visit the East Coast  Visited beach in Miami and Fort Lauderdale a bunch in 2014
75. Visit the West Coast  Visited Half Moon Bay beach near San Francisco August 2013
76. Try Middle Eastern Cuisine
77. Complete 6 races within 12 months
78. Attend/Present at a Popular Culture Conference
79.Volunteer to teach English as a 2nd Language or get certified to do so
80. Attend a free event at a Chicago Public Library
81. Contribute to a film project with Shawn and Diane
82. Photograph an old cemetery Did this in Valencia, Ireland
83. Go to a live music concert Went to Symphony Orchestra in Grant Park 2012
84. Host a Harry Potter marathon Completed a Star Wars marathon and a Harry Potter marathon
85. Participate on a panel about Harry Potter studies
86. See a Broadway show
87.  Take a class in physical fitness
88. Visit Ellen in Australia or meet in New Zealand
89. Walk the stairs at Shallow Cliffs 6 times (3 up and 3 down) Completed Summer 2015 when I went up 4 times and down 4 times
90. Make a batch of homemade and natural Jams
91. Make a TARDIS blanket
92. Spring Cleaning in 2012, get rid of unnecessary things, donate to charity Completed!
93. Complete a Puzzle with a friend or family member
94. Television free week (including no movies/netflix)
95. Try Sushi (for real this time, no Cali Rolls) I tried Sushi with toasted eel in it!
96. Inspire others to eat healthy I like to think my blog posts accomplish this
97. Attend a reading by a favorite author
98. Go to a summer festival in Chicago
99. Vote in the next Election Voted in 2012 election
100. Shop at a farmer’s market Did this in Summer 2012
101. Start a jogging/walking club


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