About Col

IMG_0079Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I am a dreamer, head in the clouds, unrealistic and witty gal. I should have been a stand up comedian, but I have stage freight. I have lots of things I love about life including writing, literature, travel, hockey, Doctor Who, and trying my best to live a healthy life.

I remember being 15 and thinking my 20’s would be such a blast, and you know what? They actually were! I worked my butt off in grad school (finished a Master’s of Arts in English Literature). After going through different blog themes and topics, I’ve finally settled on a blog that focuses on reviewing the world around me. We have people telling us what clothes to wear, what music to listen to, what movies to go see, and finally, I’ve decided to talk back.

Talking back is probably one of my oldest hobbies. Just ask my past teachers and my mother. But in all honestly, we consume so much around us. Our society is throwing messages at us constantly, and we often lack a space to respond to those things. Until the internet and blogging was born that is. So here, you’ll see movie review, product reviews, and other tips for navigating the world around us.

Col on Millenium Bridge, London
Col on Millenium Bridge, London

My family and friends are the greatest but some of the best things I’ve accomplished, I’ve done alone. This included traveling to Ireland and London for five weeks alone. I did a lot of writing and thinking while I was wandering around Ireland and the pubs of London, and I found that life really is an adventure, and there are millions of potential friends just waiting for you to say hello.

To learn more about my travels, see the photography page. I’ve never studied photography formally, but I do think I have an eye for taking some good snapshots. I won’t bore you with many details about myself since you’ll learn more along the way but I’ll say that I’ve got a fun and unique perspective about life. A) I believe that you must laugh at yourself once a day, and B) Life means what you want it to.

I have a fiance named Daniel who is usually sitting next to me in the movie theater. He’s really great and supportive but super jealous that my jokes are funnier than his. Don’t worry about the engagement because you won’t see any fanatical wedding posts on this blog. I’m allergic to wedding dress shopping and would self-ban myself from most wedding reception halls if that were a thing you could do.

Currently, I teach at two local community colleges and work as a publication specialist for an online legal news organization. My students think I’m a riot or at least they let me think that. I love all the different roles I take on every day. But this will be my space to reflect and review those parts of my life. Disagree? That is the beauty of the internet. Leave me comments and tell me what you think! We’ve all got different opinions, perspectives, and views of the world, so let the discussions begin!



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