Frozen Deep Dish Pizza: Pass

It may not sounding shocking, but I am a pizza snob as much as I am a breakfast food snob or a travel obsessed crazed person. But even my crazed travel plans are strained by a budget and the need for compromises. Speaking of budgets, it’s always good to look for places where you can cut corners and save extra money.deep dish pizza, Gino's east, frozen

I was off work for many weeks this summer before I got a part-time job. In that time, I tried to save money and tighten the budget. But I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my taste buds. Well, I decided we eat pizza out too much and spend almost $30 when we order pizza and that was too much.

So I found myself standing in the freezer aisle of the grocery store staring at more pizza brands than I could imagine. Last time I bought a good frozen pizza, it was Home Run Inn. But I felt like a deep dish pizza would be better.

Then I see it. Gino’s East has a frozen deep dish pizza, a small but heavy box with the branding screaming out my name. I have fond family memories at Gino’s East downtown. When family from Montana visited, we’d all go there and eat pizza until we couldn’t walk.deep dish pizza, Gino's east, frozen

For only $6, I thought it would be worth trying. A few days later, we pop this bad boy in the oven and wait for delicious smells to fill our home.

Coming out of the oven, we’re both drooling over a thick pizza with bubbling cheese. Sliced and on a plate, we sit down with knives and forks (deal with it New Yorkers) and take a bite. Good smells don’t always equal good taste. This pizza had tasteless sauce, okay crust, and a bland cheese.

When finished, we both agreed that we’d skip this pizza in the future. I’m sure the Gino’s East restaurants still serve a mean pie, but ¬†from your grocery store freezer, pass on this lame experience.

This Chicago girl learned that a good deep dish is in a restaurant and not in the freezer.


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