Product Review: Ibotta App

Ibotta is a new app I got to try out on my new iPhone. Since my old phone had very, very limited memory, I never got to play with lots of apps and had to be space conscious at all times.

So with a new phone, I was downloading everything and anything. I had heard about or seen ads for the Ibotta app, an app that you can earn rebates on your grocery and misc purchases. I wasn’t too convinced it’d be worthwhile. After all, I’ve tried being that coupon lady, but you’ll never find coupons on things you need: eggs, bananas, almond milk, and so forth.

One great thing is that you can find rebates at a lot of different places. Some include Walmart, Target, Jewel, Mariano’s, Whole Foods (still too expensive for me), and even some other places outside of the grocery category.

But when I used to clip coupons, the options were so limited. Here’s a coupon for a $1.00 a product that will cause me to gain 4 lbs this week. Oh wonderful (sarcasm).

So how is Ibotta different? Well you can earn rebates on things you would never find a coupon for like Bananas and Zucchini. Or other products like eggs and paper towels without limiting you on a brand name.

What do you have to do to earn these rebates? Some include watching a video, taking a survey, or reading a recipe (usually that is for a specific brand). But either way, a little bit of planning can go a long way. Some rebates are for $.20, but others are $2.00. So you do have to weigh the cost of the product with the rebate.

But for many things like eggs and bananas, I am buying those regardless of the rebate options. So often times I am not spending more money, just earning a rebate.

When you make your purchases, save the recipe. To redeem and get the rebates, you will need to scan the barcode and take a picture of the receipt. Produce items that do not have barcode aren’t a problem because they will just verify the product on the receipt.

I have to admit I’m a little addicted to Ibotta. I’ve used it on three grocery trips and have earned $11.60. Once you’ve earned a certain amount, you can transfer to your paypal account, or you can put it on a gift card at Amazon, Starbucks, and other places. Most of the minimum amounts to transfer are $10.

Since I began writing this post, I used it at a gas station. So now I have $12.60, and I am going to treat myself to something delicious at Starbucks when I get around to claiming my money.

With an app like this, the time you put into makes a huge impact. If you download it but never open it, you aren’t going to earn anything. So if you know you wouldn’t spend the time with it, it’s not worth trying. But taking a few minutes to check for rebates and take a picture of a receipt is worth a little extra money in my pocket.

Ibotta received a stamp of approval especially when you can save/earn money but aren’t tied down to specific brand names. I recommend Ibotta for thrifty spenders like me!


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