Summer in Chicago means rain, rain, rain

So I survived my second semester of teaching as an adjunct, and I’ve got tons to write about! I wanted to get blogging sooner, but it just wasn’t happening. I have been cleaning, organizing, donating clothes to goodwill, and everything in between. Oh and taking an online course about teaching online.

But I think it’s time for some updates on my blog. So far this summer, I’ve vacationed in Miami and Key West, attended the celebration for the Blackhawks winning another Stanley Cup, gone to the Chicago Gay Pride Parade, got the new iPhone 6, bought my very own office desk, and spoiled my cats with attention.

So naturally, I’ve got plenty to talk about and no idea where to start. So expect some fun posts from me this summer. I have no classes to teach, student emails to answer, but I have been casually seeking a job.

Anyways, we have had nothing but rain as of late, so it’s time to do some writing. Be back soon!