A promise is a promise

I promised myself to get back into blogging especially since I am forcing my ENGLI1101 students to blog this semester. So far, the students were nervous and scared the first day of class when I told them they were blogging. But since then, they are finding it fun and useful.

I’ll have an update at the end of the semester about the blogging project with my class. I also have a collaborative film project to do, but I’ll add that next semester.

Since my last post, I have been really trying hard to keep up with grading and teaching. It’s quite a challenge, but I have great groups of students. They are already forming into a little community or family, and they make me laugh and feel like I am in the right place.

Today we talked about scary clowns, wine making, and some recently released movies. My class has given me a hard time for never having seen Breaking Bad, Lord of the Rings, and Minority Report.

I’ve had a student give me movie passes so I can go see a movie. I’ve had about three students thank me for the comments and feedback on their writing. I had one student read my feedback to her mother with pride because of the positive remarks I gave her.

On to some other important things in my life. I’ve started a baking adventure with this cool chica named Miranda. Funny story, she lived in my old apartment building. I lived there for three years and didn’t really speak to her besides a wave and smile when passing one another.

Then I met this coworker named Julia, and she says she knew someone on the block. It turns out to be my neighbor. So before we know it, Miranda and I are friends. And it turns out we have more mutual friends.

We came up with a brilliant idea of having our own baked goods company and setting up shop at farmer’s markets next summer. What does that mean? We got to start testing our recipes, and I need a third blog to manage for that as well! Duh!

As expected, I need to return to grading and eat an early dinner before my Monday night class starts. Expect some upcoming movie reviews as I’ve been a bit of a movie junkie as of late.


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