Getting back on track

Besides the fact that I just watched flurries falling outside, I am feeling like things are getting back on track. Dan has begun to move into my apartment. So we are cleaning and reorganizing things to feel like my apartment is a home. We even bought a new microwave and rearranged a lot of furniture.

One thing I’ve wanted is to get more active, working out, and going to the gym. Maybe the dark and drab winter took my motivation and energy away. Maybe I just lacked the positive attitude I had last year and last summer. But last week, I woke up in the middle of the night with cramps in my calf that were so hurtful that I woke up Dan, and he had to massage it away.

Annoying, yes. Reason to change your life, you wouldn’t think so. The real problem is that my dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes and has poor circulation in his legs and an infection on his foot. Those same things happened to his father.

I know my leg cramps are probably from dehydration, but what if it’s something bigger or will be bigger if I don’t change?


This year has brought on many changes. We gave up meat, and I am becoming quite the master chef including tofu in my meals and not just eating cheese pizza.

So after the leg cramp scare, I realized that I need a daily reminder to keep myself on track with things like staying hydrated and being more healthy overall. I created this lovely little printout I called a “Daily Checklist” and made a modified one for Dan.

Download the checklist here

Every day I can check off as I do the following:

Drink a glass of water in the morning, take fish oil pill, take my birth control, meditate for 8 minutes, do a popsicle stick workout, get 30 minutes of exercise a day, drink a glass of water before bed, and make sure I have all my meals planned for the next day.

To make things really interesting, Dan and I are making this a competition. Last time we tried to find a way to compete with each other, it just turned into an argument because our perspectives on realistic goals were so different.

Since each sheet will track for four weeks, we are going to tally up and see how gets the most accomplished. The winner will get a back massage.

To be honest, it’s not about the back massage. I realized recently that a lot of the healthy things we do are for one another. We watch out for each other, but it’s hard to remember the daily things. We started this today, and I will update everyone in four weeks as to who our winner is!


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