Welcome March – Get Active

Time is really not on my side lately! I feel like I can’t keep up with things and meant to post this at the beginning of March.

I’m not going to lie. I just checked, and I dedicated March’s focus on getting active. When I wrote that post, I was a crazy delusional Chicagoan who thought the cold weather and snow would be gone and that I could finally get outdoors.

But, since I’ve already broken a finger while jogging just due to the cracks in the sidewalk, going on jogs and walks outside when it’s icy is just a bad idea (especially since I am uninsured). Let’s just keep the activities indoors until I am ready to risk the outdoors. Again, that’s mostly due to the lack of insurance.

Let’s start with Yoga. All year I have been telling myself that I want to get into yoga and really give it a chance. The dvds I have at home, I just can’t get into. I fear looking dumb or falling over in a class (I’m 28 years old and really need to stop thinking like that).

Since the month is almost halfway over, I have to start getting active right away and put away the excuses. Today, I am out of town for business and this weekend is a family wedding and party. But I can still find time if I just drop the excuses.

Next, I need to get back to blogging. It definitely feels like time flies by and I lose sight of what is important when I don’t blog regularly. We are still meal-planning and making the majority of our foods.

Although my eating habits are better than before, I feel tired and sore a lot. And I know it’s due to inactivity and the lack of exercise.


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