Another Netflix Documentary

I don’t know what’s been in the air lately, but Danny and I have just been watching through every documentary we can find on Netflix. Documentaries are fun to watch, but I always watch with a weary eye.

It’s not that I think documentary-makers are liars or trying to stretch the truth. But with any “text,” the creator brings their own perspectives to both the gathering of information and the presentation of ideas. This is unavoidable and applies to every type of communication and art.

So last night, we watched “Walmart: the high cost of low prices”. I wasn’t shocked or surprised since I already knew a lot about the class action law suits against Walmart as well as the efforts of the company to stop any type of unionizing for their associates.

But this documentary definitely had it’s place in my opinion. First of all, it proved my point to Danny that “trickle down economics” doesn’t work because it relies too much on the wealthy choosing to let the benefits trickle down through job creation.

At the end of the documentary, I had an interesting question. I asked Dan, “If I told you right now, you had to go out and purchase an entire outfit of clothes not made by a corporation, where would you go?”.

Newly emerging trend!

After asking this question, neither Dan nor I could answer it. We’ve become such a corporate world that it feels impossible to buy hand-made, locally-made items. It’s bad enough food is flown all around the world, but now it is also apparent that everything we purchase is made around the world.

I think we may be ready to join a hippie commune of home-grown foods and self-made clothing. However, it’ll be some time before we can wear clothes that look normal and potato sacks will have to do. If I start wearing a potato sack, do I appear to be more Irish? Just a thought….



One thought on “Another Netflix Documentary

  1. Col, how many times did you watch the doc? On the next airing, I will view again. Seems I learn something new each and every time.

    The film was on (cable + rotating on different channels) ) every day last week …. at different times. Last year also. So far I have seen this doc maybe 4 times. Undecided on an opinion. People are very angry and upset. I realize that. How can you not feel badly for folks that have lost their business of countless years? These giant corps have squatted the little guy out of his (family) business.

    Outsourcing is also a huge problem. The younger generation doesn’t fully understand this. But there was a time when Americans did all the work for their paycheck. Now other countries do it all. Everything we buy is from China. Ugh. Awful, but true.

    Are unions beneficial and good for all of us? Not sure. I’ve witnessed a lot of damage and complete non-trust. Too many crooks. Of course I definitely believe in fair wages and healthy workplace environments for all. Even today thousands of buildings are sick. Breathing in dirty air …. w/no proper ventilation cannot be healthy for us.

    As a working gal for many, many years …. it is highly necessary and imporant for all of us to have safe employement if so desired.

    America will never be the same. Apologize for the negative, but folks and families by the millions are deeply hurting. There are so many issues and problems in our complicated world forevermore.

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