Where did 2012 go?

I’m being quite serious right now. Where has this year gone? I know that I have neglected my blogging duties, and as a lover of writing, I am ashamed.

But the good news, tomorrow I walk across the stage and accept a piece of cardboard that represents the completion of my Master’s Degree. It’s been more than three years since I first began my degree, and I’m quite proud of where it has taken me.

Three years ago, I never fancied myself as a teacher. I never thought I was confident enough to stand up and teach others. Now I can not only picture it, but I dream about it. Sounds kind of strange but I really do!

Of all things, I need to get back into regularly blogging. The last few months were a crazy cluster of getting my masters thesis completed, and I’m quite proud of the outcome.

I feel like I was lucky to have professors who embraced my ideas to focus my thesis on Harry Potter. Though I never saw myself as interested in studying contemporary literature, I found the ideas and themes in Harry Potter to equal my interest in the 18th and 19th century novels I usually studied.

All in all, I am happy with my thesis and even more excited at the thought of continuously revising it for the rest of my life even if it never sees a publication date. In the long run, writing is one big continuous timey wimey loop of revisions (yeah, I included a Doctor Who quote cause this post wasn’t nerdy enough).

Life is kind of like a big revision process. We are constantly revising the way we see, think about, and interact with the world.

I was recently contemplating the changes in gender roles after a conversation with my boyfriend and his mother. She talked about how relationships should be about compromising and communicating, rather than one person making a decision. She said this while considering her generation and how their relationship fail to do that.

It made me think about how our views toward gender have changed over the generations. Fifty years ago, I would not be working while Dan went to school. But I have two degrees and it would be greedy to not let Dan go to school now.

Plus without a degree, he won’t fully appreciate my cleverness 🙂

But in all seriousness, a few generations ago I may not have been encouraged to go to college. By this age, I may have had 12 children! I’m not saying that having a family is a bad choice. But having a choice and making the choice is the important part.

I just realized that I haven’t shared my beautiful nephew with everyone! He’s insanely awesome, and my brother has already been reading the Hobbit to him. Trust me, as soon as Aunt Colleen is babysitting, Sorcerer’s Stone is coming off the bookshelf.


See what I mean? He’s gonna be awesome. Logan Kepler Boyle is getting my first homemade Christmas present. I haven’t finished it yet and it’s a surprise, so SHHHH!


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