Kitchen Bliss

So, I didn’t exactly buy a new house or move into a loft with a spacious kitchen with granite marvel tops. But I did get some new cookbooks and a food processor. I’m super excited!

The new cookbooks were inspired by Stina and her lovely blog post where she mentions making more vegetarian meals. Danny and I were at the library doing some work when I felt a sudden desire to take a stroll. I found some cookbooks and found an interesting one called Gourmet Vegetarian Slow Cooker.

So this week, Danny and I will be trying out a new recipe called Waari Muth. I’ve never had Indian food so I definitely should not be trying to make it on my own. But the recipe was so simple that I wanted to try it. It’s basically black beans and a bunch of spices.

Now I forget how or why I convinced myself and Danny that we needed a food processor. Maybe our latest addiction to Kohl’s coupons and Kohl’s cash is to blame. But tonight I made my first batch of pesto so I could make a pesto pizza sometime soon. I’m not upset about this impulse buy at all.

Any ideas on what I can do with a Food Processor? I’d love to get some new ideas!

In other great news, I filed my thesis with the Graduate College and about a month away from graduation. I’m really excited to graduate and also to get back on a workout schedule. We’ve been dragging ourselves to the gym on Saturdays but I’d love to start running again.