75 Reasons to take me to Harry Potter World

This is a special blog dedicated to my boyfriend:

  1. because when I googled “100 reasons to take me to Harry Potter,” the first result was 100 reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight and I like that!
  2. It will make me like you more
  3. You deserve the title, best boyfriend of the year and this would get you that title
  4. I really want to go
  5. I heard Hermione hugs everyone as they enter the park
  6. I’m much nicer when doing something Harry Potter related
  7. I won’t stop asking
  8. I really really won’t stop asking
  9. You are such a beautiful person to look at, I want to bring you somewhere public and share your beauty
  10. Harry Potter is awesome
  11. In Harry Potter world, unicorns exist
  12. We can put in an application for your best friend Reardon to be Hagrid
  13. I really want my own magical wand
  14. I will return control of Netflix queue to you
  15. You can go to space camp next summer
  16. It could inspire me to write a novel and who knows, make the bestseller list?
  17. I might start calling you King Daniel
  18. There is an animal in Orlando unnamed (maybe Sir Jonathan the Third’s cousin?)
  19. I will stop trying to wax your eyebrows
  20. I’ll build you an arc next time in rains… just in case
  21. I heard the park was made out of pasta
  22. I will cancel my wedding dress order
  23. Every night before bed, I’ll recite a poem to you
  24. I will stop trying to sing and/or whistle
  25. When we buy a house, you can fill it with puppies
  26. Because I hid a self-destruct chip inside you and will not share the ways to deactivate it
  27. I will listen to you talk about your day at school without sighing
  28. I hear there’s a spell that silences loud mouthed girlfriends
  29. I will go see any/all paranormal activity movies they release into theaters
  30. Will start to make you tiramisu every week
  31. Every day will be fort-building-day
  32. I will stop adding bits of glass to your meals
  33. You can start having nacho’s for breakfast
  34. I won’t smash the pumpkin you carve this weekend
  35. For every day we don’t go to Harry Potter world, our youth slowly dies
  36. I will break into your WOW account and sell your character/things
  37. Because I made this funny list
  38. If you don’t take me, Voldemort wins
  39. I will buy you a waffle maker
  40. Because I make you laugh a lot and often
  41. I won’t start a new project like translating Harry Potter into made-up languages
  42. My feet don’t have enough blisters on them
  43. I promise to leave my Harry Potter costume at home
  44. I will stop asking for a pet owl
  45. You can start eating Nutella straight from the jar
  46. I will let you listen to “Sexy and I know it” as much as you want
  47. I’ll stop pointing out your grammar mistakes
  48. I will stop my addictive behavior like buying 5 used books a week
  49. Next time you want to pick up a drifter, I will not complain
  50. I will start shaving my legs more often
  51. I won’t try to get you to do yoga with me
  52. Because Hagrid needs a hug
  53. I will find a new ringtone that isn’t the Scooby Doo theme song
  54. I will stop chasing squirrels in parking lots
  55. I promise to not become a crazy cat lady
  56. The sorting hat needs new people to sort
  57. I will no longer give you crude and offensive middle names
  58. I want to try Butterbeer or do you think they’ll have firewhisky?
  59. I will stop pointing out ironies and alliterations
  60. I promise to not make fun of your back hair around strangers
  61. I’ll stop singing “Single Ladies” and giving you significant looks at weird moments
  62. I will stop translating spell names by discussing their latin roots
  63. I won’t explain the deep sociological meaning behind commercial and TV sitcoms
  64. Because your eyes are beautiful
  65. The entire flight to Orlando can be spent arguing over which house we’ll be sorted into
  66. For every admission, a hipogriff gets their wings
  67. I promise to stop faking a British accent
  68. I love you like Snape loves Lily
  69. Because future world leader JK Rowling says to go there
  70. I will tickle you to death if you don’t take me
  71. Dumbledore has an opening for a Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching positions
  72. I really won’t stop asking… just finding new ways to do it
  73. Poop!
  74. Because I tricked you into picking the number 75 so you can’t be mad at me
  75. I will stop making you lists

4 thoughts on “75 Reasons to take me to Harry Potter World

  1. I nearly spit berry upbeat smoothie all over my computer while reading this.

    #76. Stina will also stop pointing out your grammar mistakes. (If she gets to come along too because really how can you be expected to enjoy HP World without your twinsie.)

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