one year later…

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since my return from Ireland and London. It’s been a busy year so no wonder time seems to move really fast. I know I haven’t been blogging as often as usual. I’ve gotten swept up in a lot of things.

My original plan to schedule all my workout and study sessions did not work out… pun intended. This does not indicate I stopped studying or working out (in fact, I’ve done both in the last two days). It just means that I can’t keep such a tight schedule of my life.

There are numerous reasons. First, I hate schedules. I really dislike the thought of planning every single moment of my life. Last year when I was trying, I was never sure where I would go next or for how long. I really liked that lifestyle.

The other reason is that it stresses me out. Having a schedule is fine but one minor upset to it and I’m stressed beyond reasonable levels. It seems like I really needed to just live day by day. Study and workout every day, every week. As long as my motivation is there, then I will keep moving forward.

This is the week where I need to start actually writing my thesis. I’m setting a goal from today til next Wednesday: I will have written 10 double spaced pages. Even coming close to that will be an achievement.

Here are some fun motivational (fitness) pictures that I’ve enjoyed pinning on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest yet? I’m addicted.


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