Happy Summer!

I’m a little late to say Happy First Day of Summer as well as being incredibly behind on my blog posting in general. I miss my blog and my randomness in posting. So here are some random updates on my summer.

Beach Days

I could very easily become a beach bum. The moment it dawned on me that I could grab my books and hit the beach while working on my Masters, well it was the start of two sun burns (and counting).  Of course I can’t take my laptop to the beach in the later days of my thesis work.

It also may have influenced my recent purchase of plane tickets to Cancun. I’ve never been to Mexico and of all the things I want to do, my newest obsession is surfing. I can’t surf on Lake Michigan (though apparently some people do), and it’s definitely not ideal for someone learning to surf. Fact is: I’ve always loved the ocean and big bodies of water.

Either way, I will return will some cool stories and hopefully good pics on me on a surfboard.

So while I get myself prepared for surfing this summer, I am also slightly concerned about face planting and breaking my nose.  But then I remember that thought of embarrassment or injury has never stopped me before. I am the girl who broke her finger jogging: anything is possible.

But I continue to work on my thesis as much as possible. I trashed my original study schedule and made a study philosophy: study every day. Is it stressful? Yes. Am I tired? Yes. Do I deserve that vacation in Cancun? It doesn’t matter what answer, I AM GOING!

I’d like to send a quick congrats to Stina and her new self hosted site Running in Chuck’s.

What else am I forgetting? Oh yes, I am going to be an auntie (and the coolest one there is). After holding in the secret for a horrible and painful two months, I am openly able to talk about it. I am very happy for them both, two of the greatest and funnest people I know. Congrats to Shawn and Diane!

That is all for now. I will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later.



one year later…

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since my return from Ireland and London. It’s been a busy year so no wonder time seems to move really fast. I know I haven’t been blogging as often as usual. I’ve gotten swept up in a lot of things.

My original plan to schedule all my workout and study sessions did not work out… pun intended. This does not indicate I stopped studying or working out (in fact, I’ve done both in the last two days). It just means that I can’t keep such a tight schedule of my life.

There are numerous reasons. First, I hate schedules. I really dislike the thought of planning every single moment of my life. Last year when I was trying, I was never sure where I would go next or for how long. I really liked that lifestyle.

The other reason is that it stresses me out. Having a schedule is fine but one minor upset to it and I’m stressed beyond reasonable levels. It seems like I really needed to just live day by day. Study and workout every day, every week. As long as my motivation is there, then I will keep moving forward.

This is the week where I need to start actually writing my thesis. I’m setting a goal from today til next Wednesday: I will have written 10 double spaced pages. Even coming close to that will be an achievement.

Here are some fun motivational (fitness) pictures that I’ve enjoyed pinning on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest yet? I’m addicted.