Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

The beginning of summer has been crazy busy, and it’s not even June yet. I’ve spent every day possible with a least some reading research and book chapters for the thesis. I’m almost getting to the point of doing some serious writing.

I also need to mention the amazing and happy celebration of Stephanie and JD last weekend. I had a blast; learned that Danny Boy could really bust a move; I got to see one of my best friends (Stephanie) marry an amazing guy and look very beautiful and elegant in a fancy wedding dress.

The craziness of a full fledged wedding is still scary. I still prefer my skydive wedding idea. No dresses; No bridesmaids; No churches or religious framing;  There will still be cake, don’t worry.

But back to reality. I’m super thankful to be there for the beautiful wedding and see their happiness continue to grow and evolve.

I’m still both running and strength training, but I’ve found it hard to maintain a strict schedule or track goals like I wanted. I need to just take things day by day and keep my motivation in the right place.

There’s so much to do with my summer. I even get a week off of work. While I’d love to go international, one week just isn’t enough. Maybe something more local? Any suggestions?


PS- Kudos to anyone who gets the reference in the title.


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