What’s New

Every week, I have new things that I find interesting and want to share. Here are a few of them:

Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful Competition

I have been a member of plenty of social media and fitness type sites… sparkpeople, runkeeper, dailymile, livestrong, fitnesspal, and plenty of others. So why sign up for Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful? Well for starter’s, it’s about redefining women’s health and fitness. It’s about strength and not jean sizes.

As an English major, I appreciate a campaign to redefine certain aspects of our culture. Health and Fitness isn’t about looking like the model on the magazine cover. It should be about treating your body right and living a happy and clean life. Join and follow me!

Weight of the Nation

This documentary will be airing in a few days, and I am wondering if I can get a free trial of HBO for the next week. I’m interested in seeing it but waiting for it on netflix will probably take longer than it does for me to forget I wanted to see it. Anyone out there have HBO and can invite me over?


Simply put, I think this week deserves a lot of focus on our successes. It’s something I rarely do. This semester I finished my last elective course with an A-. Danny Boy completed his first semester in College and worked  his little butt off. My friend Stina conquered her first Marathon and made it look like a jog in the park (a 26.2 mile park). Everyone in my life who goes after what they want is an inspiration to me and a great apart of why I have been successful.

I am certainly not done. I have a whole life ahead of me to work hard but that doesn’t mean celebrating our happiness has to wait til the end.



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