Burger Rewards

I always forget that when I set goals to also plan a reward for myself. Not because I am against rewards. I completely forgot until today, already two days into my new 5 Week Goals Challenge.

So what made me remember? Stina over at Running in Chuck’s messaged me to brag (graciously, of course) about her first time visiting Kuma’s Corner today. Don’t get me wrong, she earned it. She completed her first marathon this past Saturday and owned the hell outta it.

Kuma’s Corner. I think I told Danny Boy about this magical place in our first week of dating. I explained to him that he would love it, and I haven’t ever actually been there. I even recorded a show on tv that featured it. We’ve made numerous plans to visit. Yet, something always gets in the way.

Can I just say this really fast? I love a good burger. I don’t want to eat your crappy Big Mac’s or Whoppers or your lame fast food burgers. When I get a burger, it better have the best quality meat, melted toppings, fresh cooked mushrooms and plenty of flavor.

So, I popped over to my google calender and set a date. On June 15th, I will be going to Kuma’s Corner in celebration of meeting all my goals in the 5 week challenge. Some goals I know I can get more than 100% complete. So I figured I’m allowed to average them out.

Now that I have this goal in mind, I can really Focus on the challenges. Honestly, when I feel the weight of temptation interfering with my motivation, I can pop over to the Menu and contemplate which burger I’ll order on June 15th. Even 5 weeks of consideration, I still won’t be able to decide on me.

So that’s the final decision. June 15th. Kuma’s Corner. Delicious Burgers. Celebrating staying on track and tackling life’s obstacles!

Already I am hungry. Danny Boy, you better help keep me on track. You get to go to Kuma’s Corner too and we may have to move up the date to an earlier time.


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