Getting on my Goalie Pads

So, the hawks aren’t exactly in the playoffs anymore. It’s a bummer really, but I came up with the title of this post previous to their elimination, so I’m keeping it. It’s clever and makes goal setting sound fun and exciting like playoff hockey.

Here’s the deal, the school semester is done with. It’s the beginning of May, and it’s crunch time. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I don’t have anything to actually crunch or step on. This summer will forever be remembered by me as the summer of the Master’s Thesis.

Between now and August 1, 2012, I want to write my entire first draft. That’s 40-50 pages and a whole lot more reading to do. I’ve gathered more research then I’ve read and reviewed. My Google calender currently looks like a person who only has three months to live and needs to get so much done on a daily basis.

So to keep myself on track, I have a lovely spreadsheet that I borrowed and butchered from Stina at Running in Chucks. I say that I butchered it because I took a 45 day challenge and made it a Five Week Challenge. Don’t ask questions, it was just easier for my brain to think in terms of weeks rather than days.

Here is a weekly breakdown of my Summer til the beginning of August

Running 2x week (3.5-4 Miles)

Strength Training 1-2x week

Meditate 3x week

Work 4x week (10 hours a day)

Thesis work 15-20 hours a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays)

There are more goals than that, but those are the big guys–the must be accomplished ones. Somehow this leaves Saturdays as a free day. Does this mean I can be social one day a week? Maybe. Does this mean, I’m going to want to lay on the couch and do nothing? Most likely, I’ll be cleaning and doing laundry.



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