It may be counterproductive to my yearly theme: FOCUS. But, I can’t help but have the wanderlust stirring in me. It happened last year, and well, you all know what happened. I took my income tax return and bought a plane ticket for a five week trip.

I will say that it was worth every moment. I’ve decided that every other year is a travel year. I sunk my income tax return into a private loan, which also paid off that loan. I don’t regret the lessening of my debts, but I do fancy another trip some time very soon.

I’ve been researching some TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) programs. They aren’t super cheap so it takes a little saving so you can get the certification and get settled with a job. But, every person that I know who’s participated in one either hasn’t come home STILL (looks at Gavin Collier dramatically) or swears on their life that it was the greatest thing they ever did.

Seems kind of like something a crazy person would do. Finally finish a Masters Degree and disappear to teach English abroad (which doesn’t require the Master’s degree). Well take your nay saying elsewhere! This blog is about being positive and funny! The other option is to just travel on my own to Tasmania, Australia to see Ellen, or arrange a trip to Asia and meet Ellen there.

While either option is plausible, I do like to still think about and plan the TEFL route. (I know, this post is so far from my yearly theme of Focus but my head is in my clouds this crazy stressful week). It keeps me sane to plan and think about greater and more exciting things than I’m currently stressed about. So here’s the question. What program would I join? Well the options include multiple cities.

Prague, Czech Republic:

Madrid, Spain:

Phuket, Thailand:

Tokyo, Japan:

Kolkata, India:

Florence, Italy:

And to be honest, there’s more… many more. But these are the top choices. Honestly, I want to visit everywhere, so I really wouldn’t be disappointed if I ended up elsewhere.

It’s been a crazy stressful week, and I’ve got a 22 page paper due (draft due on Sunday). So, I needed something positive to think about. I tend to be overly negative when the going gets rough. But I’ll get through the end of the semester. Then, I’ll get through writing my thesis. Then I’ll have some good quality time to myself!



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