is the semester over with?

That’s a serious question. Can it be done now?

I may not have been specific enough here about where I am at with school. I am in the final stages of getting my Master’s Degree. I am taking my last elective class this Spring 2012 Semester and finalizing my research thesis in the Fall.

This final elective has been one of the best classes I’ve had in graduate school. My schoolmates are all very talkative and discussions are very productive and fun. So, that’s it. I got to write a 22 page final paper for this course and then buckle down on my thesis.


I regret to say I’m not farther in my thesis because this elective course has been very heavy on reading and the total page count is rather high. But I’m so close, I can taste it. So what does a Master’s Thesis taste like? Absolutely nothing. I just made that up.

While I’d like to say that I’ve kept up on my health goals for the year, I cannot lie to my blog. Eating out at restaurants has become more frequent, and our meal planning way less strict. As for fitness, I’ve managed to keep a weekly strength training session (hardcore 60 minutes) and 1-2 runs a week.

I’m proud that I’ve continued this and will do my best til the end of the semester. But since things have slacked a lot, I plan to have Mayhem May Monthly Goals or some ridiculously named thing like that.

The stress of a school semester makes life difficult. There is so much going on that I feel like I’m missing out or that there’s never enough time during the week. Danny boy is a big help especially when my crabbiness is crazy from stress. I also got to chat with Ellen for an hour. She’s the Australian friend I made in Galway, Ireland last year.

Just the thought of visiting Ellen in Australia or meeting her to tour Asia makes me smile. I miss traveling and really can’t wait for the chance to do it again. I just need to remember the seasons in Australia are switched and their summer is in January! I’ve also gotten great news from a few friends and can’t wait to celebrate their happiness. But more on that later!



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