Ups and Downs of Wednesday

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve blogged or done something new on here. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t. I’m approaching the part of the semester where I want throw my books into a big pile and start a blaze of glory.

Which brings me to introducing my new page! The Banned Book Challenge!

I’ve always wanted to put together a list of Banned Books and read through them like I haven’t already secured a spot for myself in hell. The idea came back to me recently while reading and preparing a class presentation on Strange Fruit by Lillian Smith.

I couldn’t commit myself enough to this challenge to give myself a timeline. If you want to know why… well, I’m writing a 40-50 page Master Thesis so bugger off! I just plan to read them and cross them off as I get to them. Some of the items on the list are crossed off because I read them previously.

While I’d love to continue on the subject of Banned Books, I can’t ignore this news story. It’s the story of Howard Morgan. A man who was shot by the police 28 times and lived. The problem is that Morgan was tried for Murder. He was acquitted of some charges and the attempted murder charge (because the police officers who shot him claimed he opened fire on them first) was deadlocked by the jury. So, the state recharged him and got a new jury that would convict.

Now, I am very deeply upset about the Trayvon Martin case that has been all over the media. But what about Howard Morgan. Evidence that would have been necessary for most jury’s to find him guilty was destroyed or never presented. It appears the state has found a way to charge a man even with lots of reasonable doubt, and the news media has hardly even discussed this. What’s more, he was legally carrying his weapon and never got tested for gun shot residue which would have proved he shot at the officers.

They’ve started a petition for this case, and I encourage everyone to sign it and spread word of it.


PS- No Books were burned or hurt in the process of writing this blog. However, my faith in our justice system got a little smaller.


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