New Health Challenges

I recently came across an article on (my new favorite website) called “10 Habits That Make You Fat”. I found that the framework of this article is a good way to test my new healthy eating progress and also give me some pointers on which direction to head in.

Habit 1. Poor Preparation

I think I have achieved proper preparation with the simple act of Meal Planning that poor Stina (who has a new blog to link to) had been suggesting for months. Once Danny Boy and I began weekly meal planning, our eating habits turned around, and I practically stopped throwing away any spoiled food.

Habit 2. Not Drinking Enough Water

I’m sure that I am guilty of this. I drink more water than anything else. I rarely have any pop or juice on a daily basis. So what’s stopping me from thinking I drink enough water? Coffee. Coffee and I have been friends for over a decade. I can drink three cups of coffee and go to bed without a problem.

I am not here to pledge that I will stop drinking coffee everyday. But I’ll consider a weekly limit. I do like the articles suggesting of drinking two cups (16oz.) of water before each meal. I have heard before that this helps curb overeating or eating too large of portions. So starting immediately, I will do this. Danny Boy, pay attention and yell at me everyday or I’ll forget!

Habit 3. Not Getting Enough Protein

After looking at my tracked foods for the past two weeks, I can honestly say I seem to get plenty of protein. Now my tracking is not always spot on accurate. Sometimes I just track something similar. But the list of proteins, eggs, meat, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and nuts are all things I eat weekly if not daily.

Habit 4. Consuming Too Many Liquid Calories

While I can buy the ‘Don’t Drink your Calories’ mantra that’s been spreading, I really disagree with the article on one thing. I don’t think drinking low-calories or diet pops and juices to always be better. Artificial and fake sugars are chemicals and not natural.

But this doesn’t make a difference to me as I don’t often crave pop and juice. If I do, I go for the more natural option. But I didn’t want to link to an article and have people think I agree with it 100%.

Habit 5.  Not Getting Enough ZZZZ’s

This is a habit I have officially broken! School still occasionally requires an all-nighter, and I am sure there will be sleepless study sessions when I’m getting farther into the Masters Thesis writing. But in the past few months, I’ve really turned my sleeping habits upside down.

I’ve struggled with being a night owl, a stay out late kinda gal. I discovered a secret method to getting myself to fall asleep in like 10-15 minutes. Harry Potter Audio Books. I know… I know… It’s nerdy but it works like a charm and it’s schoolwork!

Habit 6. Skipping Breakfast

I don’t think I have ever in my life INTENTIONALLY skipped breakfast. Clearly, I talk about pancakes more than clothing. I love breakfast foods from bagels, oatmeal, pancakes, egg sandwiches, coffee, toast, and the list goes on… I may have been bad in the past about eating fast food breakfasts.

But I’m going to say that I’ve accomplished this. I have breakfast everyday and most days it is very healthy and delicious.

Habit 7. Shopping the Center Aisles

I’ve been quite proud of my new shopping habits. While not everything I buy is the healthiest thing in the world. Cutting out frozen foods and making most of my meals from scratch was a big habit to implement.

Habit 8. Poor Record Keeping

I’ve tried to track/log my foods and manage my eating that way. But I usually lose interest or get REALLY busy. It’s hard to spend the necessary time tracking your food and get advanced college degree’s. I’ve tracked the last 14 days but I don’t expect it’s possible for me to do this everyday of the year. I’ve definitely managed to bring eating healthier and that’s a big start.

Habit 9. Not Lifting Weights

Done and Done. Almost ready to go “Da beach is dat way”

Habit 10. Throwing in the Towel

Here’s the big one. The big problem most people have with “diets”. They never see them as lifelong commitments. Think about it, you eat everyday. There’s more of a sure thing than your spouse, your job, your home/apartment.

But I’d like to make a big point here. While I have given up on diets and healthy lifestyle changes in the past… I don’t consider it a failure. Basically, I have learned something about myself and about health each time. It’s taken a long time and I am still learning a lot.

So don’t get down on the failures or the yo-yo diets. Just know that it takes a lifetime to build a healthy, happy life. I think that I have a long ways to go but that I finally have the tools and motivation to keep it up.



2 thoughts on “New Health Challenges

  1. Tracking doesn’t have to be an elaborate, time consuming process. Studies have shown that just that act of writing down what you’re eating – without even tracking calories – can reduce overall calorie consumption. All you really need is a small notebook, a pen, and 60 seconds before you eat, or hell between bites even, to jot it down. Sure, you’re probably not going to track 100% of what you’re eating, but something is better than nothing.

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