Spring Break!

It is Spring Break! Do you know what that means? Beach, margaritas, and dance parties. Okay, not really. In reality, I’ll be working all week, going to a doctors appointment, and studying a lot to get ahead of myself in school and on the Masters Thesis research.

There is also a much needed time spent at the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been slacking and laying on the couch. I’ve been dealing with a cold and running outside to train for the 5K I ran last Saturday (more about that later).

But I desperately miss the gym, not for the cardio equipment but for the weights and strength training that I am secretly in love with. I mean, I haven’t touched a dumb bell or did a plank in over a week and it’s making me crazy.

Since there are a lot of things I need to get done this week, I’m going to use my blog to track and make sure things are getting accomplished. Some things on my list may seem kind of irrelevant but I wanted to make the list a little fun. Though I won’t be sitting on a beach, I’ll still be using my time in a productive way!

Bake Irish Soda Bread
Read Black Like Me (ENG446 Course)
Read Strange Fruit (ENG446 Course)
Start outline for Midterm Essay (ENG446)
Core/Upper/Lower Body Strength Training
Register for Mud Run
Read two research essays (Thesis)
Start researching Strange Fruit Presentation (ENG446)
Do Free Writing (Thesis)
Finish Reading Half Blood Prince and note-taking (Thesis)
Clean out Car
Walk Forest Preserve Trails with Danny Boy
Laundry – Wash blankets and sheets
Get back on meal planning

The last item on that list is crucial. The success of our (Danny Boy and me) new healthy lifestyle is due to the meal planning we’ve been doing. It’s made grocery shopping a million times easier and faster. We’ve rarely had to throw away spoiled foods because of it. But this past weekend, we really didn’t have the motivation to do the meal plan because Danny Boy will be at home most of the week, so it was hard to plan our meals when we wouldn’t be together every day.

This might mean I’ll be eating cereal and bagels and waffles for dinner (fist pumps the air). It may mean that my food isn’t as balanced as normal. But a break from the meal planning isn’t the end of the world and could be a nice change of pace.

Before this posts gets to be way too long-winded, I’d like to share the results of my Oak Forest Fleadh 5k from this past Saturday and make a promise (more to myself) that I will be setting fitness goals for the month of April (like I did last January).

I finished the 5K in 38:30 according to my heart rate monitor stop watch. I burned 420 calories and had an average heart rate of 167 BPM. When I said my goal was to beat my previous 5K time, I really should have said beat it by like 5 minutes. This is about a minute faster than the 5K I ran in September 2011. While, I was sick this weekend and took more breaks than normal to cough and catch my breath, I still would have liked a better time.

But I am happy I didn’t stay home and in bed complaining that I was too sick. While I liked running the Oak Forest Fleadh 5K, I still remember how much more I enjoyed the sights of the Shamrock Shuffle downtown last year. I should add that the day following the 5K, Danny Boy and I walked the Southside Irish Parade and got about 2.67 miles walking (I didn’t wear the HRM). We had an active weekend which included a lot of indulgent foods and eating at restaurants!

Next up is my first Mud Run. Let’s see how that goes!


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