January Fitness Goals: The RESULTS!

COL’S FITNESS GOALS for the 31 Days of January
So how’d I do?????

In my honest opinion, I did amazing. Just freakin’ amazing.

1. Attend 9 Group Fitness Classes
averages to 2 classes a week, 1 class in the last half-week
01/03/12 – Piloxing at 6:30pm
01/07/12 – Kettle Bells Intervals at 10am
01/11/12 – Yoga class at 6:30pm
01/14/12 – Kettle Bells Intervals at 10am
01/21/12 – Kettle Bells Intervals at 10am
01/26/12 – Sculpting at 5:30pm
01/29/12 – Spinning at 9am

Total: 7 classes
While I did not hit the goal of 9 classes through the whole month, I am not disappointed because I have been doing a lot of weight and strength training. I can even bench 35 lbs…pause for clapping… But I will say that I want to keep going to classes, maybe 1 or 2 a week if they are available when I have freetime.

2. Run/Walk 25 Miles Total
averages to 6 miles per week, 1 mile in the last half-week

Totals: 33.22 miles in 15 gym visits (average 2.215 miles a day at the gym)
I am proud to say that I did more then my goal and that the days between were either rest days or days I was taking a class or doing strength training and cardio on the elliptical or bike. I did quite well and will start a training program for the 5K I’m running in March.

3. Sign Up for One Race or Fitness Event
must be before June 1st
I am officially registered for the Oak Forest Fleadh 5K on March 10th. Dan isn’t running with me but I’ll be training for this and am looking to finish in under 38 minutes. The next thing we will register for is the Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run in May. It’s a 5K race with obstacles so it’ll be more challenging.

4. Track all workouts in some way
can be done via blogging, mapmyrun account, or something similar
Everything has been tracked through the whole month. I began using mapmyrun and officially switched over to spark people last week. I plan to continue tracking all workouts and start being more consistent tracking my foods.

5. Do Two Real Push-Ups
totally stole this from Stina but I wanna do a mud run and they include obstacle courses and usually involve push-ups
I’m not sure that I can do two real push ups yet but I can bench the bar without any help from Dan so there is progress

6. Only Allowed 10 Meals At Restaurants
I lost track but I don’t think we have stayed under 10 or will have by the end of the month. I intended this for dinner meals and not lunch and we were limiting ourselves to one lunch and dinner eaten out. We have definitely taken a step in the right direction in making most meals at home and that’s what really matter, progress.

7. Meal Plan every week
While I don’t expect to follow it every week, I want to meal plan every week this month and get in the habit of cooking at home and eating healthy.
Every week we stuck to the meal plan and got accustomed to a weekly shopping trip and making nearly all of our own food. This is probably the biggest difference since I started my new lifestyle and I feel so much better eating homemade foods!

While setting these goals made a huge difference in my overall progress from the month, I am holding off on setting new goals for another month til March or April. I am presenting at a conference this weekend and need to focus on school and research for my Masters Thesis. This doesn’t mean I won’t be continuing home making all my foods or working out. I will be training for the 5K and keeping up with my strength training. Next blog will be about my progress on my Masters Thesis Research.