Woahhh it’s wednesday

Today is an exciting day! The weekend is approaching, and I’m having a grand week. The last time I weighed myself, I was a lb or 2 lighter (though I didn’t bother to record it).

I had an awesome outside run on Monday night with Stina and managed to run 2 miles in just under 26 minutes (thought Stina is a show off and continued to run another 5 miles longer). I decided I loathe running on the treadmill and am going to opt to run trails and the streets from now on (or as much as possible).

In other news, I am rocking a new lunch tote. I know that is probably the least interesting thing I’ve said but I like it, and it also made me excited to pack a lunch everyday. I haven’t had fast food since… pizza on Saturday night with Dan and Ed. My fridge is exploding with delicious veggies and the crock pot is simmering my favorite Chicken Taco Chili recipe.

What can I say, life is good. I am dying with impatience to know what Danny Boy got me for my birthday. If there was a wrapped present, I’d be shaking it and guessing what it could be every time I saw it. Last awesome thing I am doing, snacking on Banana Nut Bread that I made on Sunday night and turned out delicious!

Also, getting my hair done today, going bowling over the weekend with friends, out for dinner n drinks on my birthday and only two weeks and a few days from the 5k Race. I’ve got a few playlists for the 5K race in the works as well. I’ll probably post a list when it’s ready! The last thing I can report in the good news arena is that my body fat percentage has decreased slightly (about 1.5%).

School is well, life is well. Things are almost too good to be true. I really hope things don’t come crashing down on me in the next few months. I really like this happy, being treated good by my partner in crime, and being around positive and amazing people (all of which I hope to see at Chucks or bowling this weekend).



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