dragging along Monday

Mondays are never fun! You go back to work, wake up early, and have tons to do before Friday. It’s especially uneventful because my birthday is next Monday and I can’t wait to celebrate a little. I’ve had a good start to this year and need some fun and relaxation before the Masters Thesis gets overwhelming and before I start doing crazy things like Half Marathon Training (next year, Stina!).

But a few changes to my blog I should explain. I’m adding a page for Races so that I can keep track and commemorate each race I complete. This means adding some cool pictures and talking about the good friends who have joined me on my journey.

Besides the new page, I cannot wait to start knocking off items on my Mission 101. A lot of them require summer time weather and the free time that comes along with that season. Even though I’ll be working on my Thesis, not having to attend a class weekly and do other readings and write other papers will free some fun time.

One thing I want to plan is a trip to Starved Rock for some hiking. I am hoping to drag along Danny Boy, Ed, my brother Shawn, Diane, and Stina. It’s pretty open for whoever feels like joining but I think it’ll be lots of fun even if we don’t camp overnight (though I know Ed will want to).

I did manage to cross one thing off the Mission 101 List and that was Make Someone Breakfast in Bed. I didn’t even realize I was completing an item on my list (and I am not lying about this!). It’s quite normal for me to wake up and make breakfast for Danny Boy. It happens every single time I drag myself out of bed before him on a day I don’t have work (rare since I hate getting out of bed).

Steak, Pepper, n Egg Pita

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