Mid Week Updates

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and spent it with someone important (whether it be a significant other or a family member or a great friend). Dan and I had a morning workout, lunch at home (including left over homemade mac-n-cheese), night classes, and then got some studying done at Denny’s. Besides being up til midnight and not getting enough sleep, I’m having quite a great week.

Our gym time yesterday was cut short due to us both not really feeling well. We aren’t sure if we just didn’t have enough food for breakfast or worked out too soon after eating, but we both got some cardio and upper body strength training accomplished. Besides not feeling 100% on Tuesday morning, my progress in being healthy and getting more active is a success. We’ve meal planned every week, made plenty of homemade meals with veggies and organic ingredients, and I started training for a 5K.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve lost 6 lbs. But most importantly, I feel better. A million freakin’ times better. I know what goes in nearly every meal I eat. The few times I have had fast food or eaten at a restaurant are followed with not feeling good. My body feels tired and lethargic. I am beginning to really enjoy cooking (now that I have Danny Boy to do the dishes that used to cause horrific back pain… yes, I exaggerate).

Training for the 5K is quite a fun challenge. I’ve completed an 8K and a 5K in the past but did not train properly. I did train and I did go running to prepare myself. But I did not have enough consistency in it. So far, here are my runs since 02/01/12.

02/01/12 – 30 Minutes – 2.12 Miles
02/08/12 – 35 Minutes – 2.38 Miles
02/10/12 – 35 Minutes – 2.33 Miles
02/11/12 – 65 Minutes – 3.19 Miles (Walk)
02/14/12 – 30 Minutes – 2.12 Miles

I realize there are some gaps in there, but I’m not a perfectionist, nor do I ever pretend to be. I spent one weekend in Louisville, KY which put a lot of my plans on hold–including eating healthy and unprocessed foods. I can’t wait to update everyone with a few other stats like my new personal best in finishing the 5k and how many percentages I’ve lowered my body fat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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