Focusing on Academics

I know my blog appears to be pretty bi-polar. It used to be about school and general things, then it became a travel blog last summer, and then it became all about healthy living… making my own meals and training for a 5K. But bear with me, I have a lot going on in my life!

So the first thing is that I need to FOCUS. If you don’t recall, FOCUS is my theme for the year. I think this will help me stay in tune with what’s important and not get too crazy with my wandering ideas and goals. I know, I wander a lot. But if I really focus this year, I will hit some major milestones in my life–obviously a Master’s Degree is a big deal!

I’ve got to really dig my heels deep into my research and reading for my thesis. I’m finding that a new terminology is incorporating itself into my thesis topic. This new term is Hermeneutics which is the “study of the interpretation of written texts, especially texts in the areas of literature, religion and law” (Wikipedia).

I won’t give much detail since this is a really gigantic work in progress and a very fluid and changing process. I started scheduling my study sessions for the Master’s Thesis but I believe I will need to start scheduling the purpose of each so that I am moving forward and don’t get frustrated by the “not knowing where to start”.

Another part of focusing on academics is my efforts towards publishing my papers and/or presenting them at conferences. I achieved my first conference presentation in Louisville this past weekend. It was the Southern Humanities Conference and small but very friendly and welcoming. I don’t think I could have asked for a better first experience with conferences (unless you know of one that gives away millions of dollars???).

Some blog updates: I have finished the Photography and Mission 101 pages. Please check them out and leave me comments or feedback. The Mission 101 page already has some things crossed off because I built the list off a bucket list I made less than a year ago. Since I had accomplished a lot last summer traveling alone, I wanted to include those things on my new blog (I know, I love to brag).

Peace ~COL


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