Why, hello new blog!

Times are a changing! I’m starting a whole new blog and going to be consistent with it now. I want to start posting recipes as well as my health and fitness goals. I plan on continuing to update my progress on my Masters Thesis and the scary but must-happen search for a job after graduating.

But I will start this blog with a reflection of the last year of my life and the changes I’ve been through. Last year had it’s trials. School was getting harder and harder to handle and I was able to remove myself from a very damaging and dangerous relationship. With the loss of that relationship also came the loss of many ‘friends’ who were indifferent towards me. If I believed in god’s existence and was really sure of it, I’d be thanking her for that change in my life.

I got to enjoy being happy and single and travel to Europe and make new friends. Then just before starting my teaching internship, I met Danny Boy and started dating him. He’s not going to like that I call him Danny Boy on my blog, but it’s going to happen that way. We’ve been together for almost six months and our relationship has been a great ball of healthy change. I stopped drinking and partying (for the most part) and really began to focus on home cooking and fitness.

But it’s not all butterflies, sunshine, rainbows, and leprechauns. There are moments when time management gets difficult, meals don’t turn out the way they do in the pictures off the blogs I borrow them from (mostly How Sweet It Is and Back To Her Roots).

So, please enjoy my blog. Feel free to leave me comments or suggestions or share links!

My first official post will be a summary of my first presentation experience at a conference and my weekend in Louisville KY.



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