Tracking Progress on January’s Goals

COL’S FITNESS GOALS for the 31 Days of January
Mid-Month Progress

I’m a day late posting the halfway progress for January’s goals. Here’s my progress so far.

1. Attend 9 Group Fitness Classes
averages to 2 classes a week, 1 class in the last half-week
01/03/12 – Piloxing at 6:30pm
01/07/12 – Kettle Bells Intervals at 10am
01/11/12 – Yoga class at 6:30pm
01/14/12 – Kettle Bells Intervals at 10am

Total: 4 classes

2. Run/Walk 25 Miles Total
I’m not sure if I should include miles on the elliptical
averages to 6 miles per week, 1 mile in the last half-week
01/01/12 – walked on treadmill 3.05 miles in 60 minutes
01/03/12 – walked/jogged on treadmill 1.4 miles in 25 minutes
01/07/12 – jogged on treadmill 2.8 miles in 50 minutes
01/08/12 – jogged on treadmill 1.93 miles in 35 minutes
01/09/12 – jogged on treadmill 3.4 miles in 55 minutes
01/13/12 – jogged on treadmill 1.85 miles in 30 minutes
01/14/12 – jogged on treadmill 1.5 miles in 25.5 minutes

I have to say that I’m pretty proud of the miles I’ve put in on the treadmill especially since I alternate between the treadmill and elliptical (while I use the treadmill more). I think I will definitely make it to 25 miles. I was particularly proud of the January 9th where I wasn’t really intending to run for three miles but I was ‘feeling it’ and just kept going.
Totals: 15.93 miles

3. Sign Up for One Race or Fitness Event
must be before June 1st
Dan and I found the race we want to register: the Merrell Down and Dirty National Mud Run Series on May 20th. We have to register before March for the cheaper registration fee but I will probably register next week!

4. Track all workouts in some way
can be done via blogging, mapmyrun account, or something similar
So far, everything has been tracked for workouts. I was very good about tracking my nutrition and then had a crazy weekend and didn’t track them last weekend.

5. Do Two Real Push-Ups
totally stole this from Stina but I wanna do a mud run and they include obstacle courses and usually involve push-ups
Did 1 push up and Dan said it didn’t count 😦

6. Only Allowed 10 Meals At Restaurants
I lost track but I don’t think we have stayed under 10 or will have by the end of the month. I intended this for dinner meals and not lunch and we were limiting ourselves to one lunch and dinner eaten out. We have definitely taken a step in the right direction in making most meals at home and that’s what really matter, progress.

7. Meal Plan every week
While I don’t expect to follow it every week, I want to meal plan every week this month and get in the habit of cooking at home and eating healthy.
Week 1, meal planned
Week 2, meal planned
Week 3, meal planned
Working on Week 4’s meal plan now


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