2012 – Focus

Since all the cool kids are doing it, I decided to begin the year with goals centered around a one-word theme. My favorite person Stina did this with her 2011 Dedicate theme and got the idea from a great blogger Rachel Wilkerson’s “Getting Some Action” post. So here is the big word:


I didn’t like using the word focus because I kept thinking of a Ford Focus. So then I thought about Target and started to wonder if all the words in our culture are branded with a corporation!? But, I am getting off subject. I picked the word Focus because I am notorious for the variety of things/hobbies/goals that I set for myself. I set goals that trump all my other goals; I get distracted by new ideas and things.

So this year, I am going to remind myself to constantly Focus. There are two main things that I need to focus on throughout the year: the completion of my Master’s Degree and implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These are not new goals or new journeys for me. I began graduate school in 2009, and the start of my healthy lifestyle began years before that. I was not able to maintain that healthy lifestyle due to drinking and partying and surrounding myself with immature and petty people. Many of those people betrayed me or hurt me.

Part of focusing on improving my life includes forgiving those past things and never allowing them to happen again. I vow to never surround myself with people who will hurt me. The moment I am hurt is the moment that person will be removed from my life. I am too important to waste my life with people who do not value me. I’ve taken a huge step back from drinking and partying and I’ve felt a million times better. Eating healthier and going to the gym has received a very positive response from body. I feel better, I think clearer, I like my life better.

So I want to keep the following list nearby by to remind myself of not just what I want to accomplish, but give myself the means and strategies to be successful. This is mentality I need to have through the good days and the bad days to keep me on track and moving towards good things.

1) Focus on what will make my body feel good, not something that only tastes good (there’s a balance)

2)Focus on making time to study and work on the Masters every week. Plan your time.

3) Focus on the positives in yourself. Remember you are worth a healthy and happy life.

4) Focus on keeping meal plans and eating more natural foods.

5) Focus on destressing everyday. Don’t stress the things you can’t control, friends, family, work, or anything in between.

6) Focus on the friends who encourage healthy behaviors and good living. There’s no need for names here. I have great people in my life. Some need my support, some give me support. But it’s time to put more focus on the ones who give back.

7) Focus on yourself. I tend to insert myself into other people’s problems to help out but lose myself in the process.

8) Focus your sleeping schedule. I have battled with insomnia so much in the past, but it’s time to keep the good sleeping habits I’ve established in the last few weeks (thanks to my limiting alcohol intake).

9) Focus on the success I’ve already had in my life. I tend to see only negatives when I look back and it ends here.

10) Focus on one thing at a time. Live life one day at a time.


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