….Goals, Motivation, Goals, Motivation….

I want to talk about Goals and Motivation today. Besides trying to focus my life and my time to be incredibly productive, I need to start making clear and attainable goals. I also feel a lot of motivation right now that I want to utilize and make the most of.

goal[gohl] noun1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.2. the terminal point in a race.3. a pole, line, or other marker by which such a point is indicated.

my readers should note that I would have used a wikipedia definition but today is the Wikipedia Blackout.

So, I’m going to use this definition to make three simple goals that I am going to work towards in respect to health and fitness. Simple enough right? But I need to be careful that I don’t make something is measurable or I won’t ever know for sure that I’ve made my goals. I need to also be cautious so that my goals are too low or too high. There needs to be balance or I won’t push myself hard enough but it cannot be unattainable or unrealistic because I will give up out of frustration.

…the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
1. maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
This is a pretty basic goal. I want this to be a lifestyle change not a temporary fix. This is the goal that isn’t all that measurable other than how I feel I am doing. I can tell I’ve made steps in the right directions and that my body feels better for it. I need to continue you that so I never really know what it’s like to eat buffalo wings til I’m stuffed.

…the terminal point in a race.
2. Complete all the obstacles and finish the Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run on May 20th
I didn’t just pick this because the definition includes the word race. I picked it because it’s something I will be doing soon that requires full body strength and consistent training (and jumping in mud). Since my end game is a healthy lifestyle, there is no terminal point or ending to this journey.

…a pole, line, or other marker by which such a point is indicated.
3. Lose 12% Bodyfat in the next 6 months
I measured by body fat at the beginning of my XSport Fitness Orientation. Here’s the catch. I forgot the number, but it is written down. So there’s potential to get the number or start from today. I haven’t decided which to do. The point is that I’m more comfortable putting my goal in something like body fat percentage than weight. I could lose weight but have it be muscle mass and that’s not the direction I want to go. So it the interest of staying on the path I chose, I am using body fat % to guide my goals. Apologies to my boyfriend Dan who saw the word pole and thought I’d be taking pole dancing lessons.

The next thing I want to get into is Motivation for obvious reasons. Goal are only achieved given the opportunity mixed with the right amount of dedication and determination which also comes more people who motivate us.

mo·ti·va·tion [moh-tuh-vey-shuhn] noun
1. the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way.
2.the state or condition of being motivated.
3. something that motivates; inducement; incentive.

I find a lot of motivation from the great people in my life; a good friend and blogger Stina and a hardly-ever blogs but still call him my boyfriend, Daniel. While their support (and the support of others) is amazing, I still can’t ride my mind of doubts while I workout. But I find that images are also very helpful when trying to dig for motivation. Here are some of my favorites.


Tracking Progress on January’s Goals

COL’S FITNESS GOALS for the 31 Days of January
Mid-Month Progress

I’m a day late posting the halfway progress for January’s goals. Here’s my progress so far.

1. Attend 9 Group Fitness Classes
averages to 2 classes a week, 1 class in the last half-week
01/03/12 – Piloxing at 6:30pm
01/07/12 – Kettle Bells Intervals at 10am
01/11/12 – Yoga class at 6:30pm
01/14/12 – Kettle Bells Intervals at 10am

Total: 4 classes

2. Run/Walk 25 Miles Total
I’m not sure if I should include miles on the elliptical
averages to 6 miles per week, 1 mile in the last half-week
01/01/12 – walked on treadmill 3.05 miles in 60 minutes
01/03/12 – walked/jogged on treadmill 1.4 miles in 25 minutes
01/07/12 – jogged on treadmill 2.8 miles in 50 minutes
01/08/12 – jogged on treadmill 1.93 miles in 35 minutes
01/09/12 – jogged on treadmill 3.4 miles in 55 minutes
01/13/12 – jogged on treadmill 1.85 miles in 30 minutes
01/14/12 – jogged on treadmill 1.5 miles in 25.5 minutes

I have to say that I’m pretty proud of the miles I’ve put in on the treadmill especially since I alternate between the treadmill and elliptical (while I use the treadmill more). I think I will definitely make it to 25 miles. I was particularly proud of the January 9th where I wasn’t really intending to run for three miles but I was ‘feeling it’ and just kept going.
Totals: 15.93 miles

3. Sign Up for One Race or Fitness Event
must be before June 1st
Dan and I found the race we want to register: the Merrell Down and Dirty National Mud Run Series on May 20th. We have to register before March for the cheaper registration fee but I will probably register next week!

4. Track all workouts in some way
can be done via blogging, mapmyrun account, or something similar
So far, everything has been tracked for workouts. I was very good about tracking my nutrition and then had a crazy weekend and didn’t track them last weekend.

5. Do Two Real Push-Ups
totally stole this from Stina but I wanna do a mud run and they include obstacle courses and usually involve push-ups
Did 1 push up and Dan said it didn’t count 😦

6. Only Allowed 10 Meals At Restaurants
I lost track but I don’t think we have stayed under 10 or will have by the end of the month. I intended this for dinner meals and not lunch and we were limiting ourselves to one lunch and dinner eaten out. We have definitely taken a step in the right direction in making most meals at home and that’s what really matter, progress.

7. Meal Plan every week
While I don’t expect to follow it every week, I want to meal plan every week this month and get in the habit of cooking at home and eating healthy.
Week 1, meal planned
Week 2, meal planned
Week 3, meal planned
Working on Week 4’s meal plan now

2012 – Focus

Since all the cool kids are doing it, I decided to begin the year with goals centered around a one-word theme. My favorite person Stina did this with her 2011 Dedicate theme and got the idea from a great blogger Rachel Wilkerson’s “Getting Some Action” post. So here is the big word:


I didn’t like using the word focus because I kept thinking of a Ford Focus. So then I thought about Target and started to wonder if all the words in our culture are branded with a corporation!? But, I am getting off subject. I picked the word Focus because I am notorious for the variety of things/hobbies/goals that I set for myself. I set goals that trump all my other goals; I get distracted by new ideas and things.

So this year, I am going to remind myself to constantly Focus. There are two main things that I need to focus on throughout the year: the completion of my Master’s Degree and implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These are not new goals or new journeys for me. I began graduate school in 2009, and the start of my healthy lifestyle began years before that. I was not able to maintain that healthy lifestyle due to drinking and partying and surrounding myself with immature and petty people. Many of those people betrayed me or hurt me.

Part of focusing on improving my life includes forgiving those past things and never allowing them to happen again. I vow to never surround myself with people who will hurt me. The moment I am hurt is the moment that person will be removed from my life. I am too important to waste my life with people who do not value me. I’ve taken a huge step back from drinking and partying and I’ve felt a million times better. Eating healthier and going to the gym has received a very positive response from body. I feel better, I think clearer, I like my life better.

So I want to keep the following list nearby by to remind myself of not just what I want to accomplish, but give myself the means and strategies to be successful. This is mentality I need to have through the good days and the bad days to keep me on track and moving towards good things.

1) Focus on what will make my body feel good, not something that only tastes good (there’s a balance)

2)Focus on making time to study and work on the Masters every week. Plan your time.

3) Focus on the positives in yourself. Remember you are worth a healthy and happy life.

4) Focus on keeping meal plans and eating more natural foods.

5) Focus on destressing everyday. Don’t stress the things you can’t control, friends, family, work, or anything in between.

6) Focus on the friends who encourage healthy behaviors and good living. There’s no need for names here. I have great people in my life. Some need my support, some give me support. But it’s time to put more focus on the ones who give back.

7) Focus on yourself. I tend to insert myself into other people’s problems to help out but lose myself in the process.

8) Focus your sleeping schedule. I have battled with insomnia so much in the past, but it’s time to keep the good sleeping habits I’ve established in the last few weeks (thanks to my limiting alcohol intake).

9) Focus on the success I’ve already had in my life. I tend to see only negatives when I look back and it ends here.

10) Focus on one thing at a time. Live life one day at a time.