End of 2011

It’s very nearly a whole new year. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing to be completely honest. But I have gone through a lot in 2011 and need to plan my journey from today forward. I am going to set some goals for the month of January. There’s this girl I know. Her name is Stina, and her blog organization skills make me look like a kid drawing with crayons (I do love crayons).

I’m basically stealing her December to Remember Goals but mine has no cool and hip rhyme scheme. I’m joined up at the new Xsport in Crestwood and am dying in anticipation to get in there and work out. I’ve got my workout clothes all ready and waiting to abused. Here are my goals for January. I have no idea if I’m being realistic but I am setting them and going to try hard to accomplish them all.

COL’S FITNESS GOALS for the 31 Days of January

1. Attend 9 Group Fitness Classes
averages to 2 classes a week, 1 class in the last half-week

2. Run 25 Miles Total
averages to 6 miles per week, 1 mile in the last half-week

3. Sign Up for One Race or Fitness Event
must be before June 1st

4. Track all workouts in some way
can be done via blogging, mapmyrun account, or something similar

5. Do Two Real Push-Ups
totally stole this from Stina but I wanna do a mud run and they include obstacle courses and usually involve push-ups

6. Only Allowed 10 Meals At Restaurants
this may be my downfall

7. Kick Dan’s ass at the Gym
little unhealthy competition can’t hurt right?

I want to think that I am not over reaching on these goals except my ability to copy Stina may be extreme (too bad, Stina). I also think that if I achieve all of these things, I will have an official weighing of myself. I usually don’t set goals involving weight or check my weight. I plan to set new goals February 1st and start over again. Hopefully this makes me accountable and I will get the full value of my gym membership.

I have six credits left to complete my Masters which include a Masters Thesis, an insane 40-50 page research paper. I’m excited to get all this done even at the expense of going out and having fun–personally, there is too much drama in all that business anyways.

In other news, I’ll begin volunteering on Saturdays at a Chicago School and tutoring students and developing reading skills with the organization Working in the Schools. I am really excited about this chance. I’ve wanted for a long time to volunteer and give back to the city that has been so important in my life. I encourage my friends to find ways to volunteer and give back especially when the world and economy is so wrecked. Donating your time doesn’t cost you anything and the pay off is amazing self-esteem.