Another Travel Update

So far, I have had an amazing experience with this holiday. Traveling alone isn’t as scary as I expected and I’ve met some amazing people so far. I’m trying to keep them in mind, so I figured a list would be in order so that I can remember them properly.

Jane, from France
Francis, from Sweden
Kohei and Kyon, from Japan
Nathalie, from Canada
Craig, from New Zealand
Alison, from Philly
Sarah, from Canada

There are so many more whose names I didn’t get or I have already let slip from my mind (due to some amount of alcohol). There were the two guys from Holland who creeped me out at the London pub in West End. Then the seven young British men who made fun of my accent for hours and all in a good fun. They are as amused with the American accent as we are with everyone else’s accent.

I am not back in Killarney for a few days. The travel back from London was horrendous. I stayed up the entire night cause I had to leave for the airport at 4am. I couldn’t find the coach bus, saw it at the last second and had to run and catch it moments before it left. The wire of my bra snapped during my travel to the airport and punctured my skin causing me to bleed. I am down to two sports bras and wasn’t able to find a replacement bra that fit me well in Killarney.

At the London airport, Ryanair had a ridiculously long tine for check in. I would probably chose to take the ferry and a train to London from Ireland. Even though Ryanair was cheap, it was a bit of a hassle with all there extra fee’s. They charge extra if you don’t print your own tickets, they charge for your bag being checked, and they have weight requirements for both the checked bag and the carry on bag. This made it difficult to buy souvenairs in London but I really didn’t have the money for much anyways (don’t worry Mom, you got your t-shirt).

While my original travel plans didn’t involve very many hostels, I have learned that planning too much constricts your adventures. I’ve had more fun than I could have possible planned for. Had I booked up hostels for the whole of my trip, I would never have made it to Lodnon, which is probably going to be the highlight of my trip. I would not have met so many great people.

I am definitely beginning to see the formation of a book in my head. I have learned so much in the week I’ve been staying at hostels that I feel like a guide book for hostels and backpacking could be easily written! I also want to move to England! I loved London and would be content living somewhere close to London or in London. It’s very expensive to live in London, worse than New York.

But this experience has proved to be well worth it. I feel like I’ve spent more than expected with the London trip but that it was worth every Dollar, Euro, Pound, etc…


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