My London Journey

Today, I arrived in London around 10:30 in the morning. The slight detour from my 5 week tour of Ireland was the greatest idea I ever had. On the way to the hostel, I started to think it was a bad idea. My shoulders and neck were tense and painful from my luggage (even though I left the majority of my luggage in Ireland at a hostel in Killarney).

But it’s nearing midnight and I have no regrets at all. The Green Man Hostel in London is pretty nice. The common areas and reception are all apart of the bar. So they serve alcohol 24 hours and have people around and hanging out all the time.

I went up to my room and people are already in bed. Seems kind of early but I guess I’m a night owl. The reception/bartenders are really helpful and nice. I was shocked to find that the public transportation was more crowded than anywhere I’ve ever seen. It was rush hour when I got on the tube and I barely squeezed into the door with about 15 people still waiting at that one door. The messed up thing, the trains come every 1-2 minutes. And every train was full. On my way back from Wyndham Theatre, it was still pretty crowded but everyone was able to get on the next train that came through the station.

As usual, I adapt to new systems of public transportation without much effort. Maybe that’s the city girl in me talking but I definitely feel more comfortable in the big city than the little towns. There’s diversity with people everywhere speaking different languages, tons of young people, and bars everywhere. I feel at home!

While I was still in Killarney, I met a young guy from Philadelphia. Don’t know if he’s a hockey fan or not but he didn’t have any hostilities towards me so, I guess not. But anyways, he was telling me all about his travels. He went to France in Sept 2010 with a student visa and then has been country hopping since. He had some cool stories and highly recommended doing more backpacking.

This has me thinking about my next travels and other such plans. Teaching English abroad or doing other fun and exciting European trips. But right now, I’m sitting in a bar in Central London, drinking a Bulmers (yeah, it’s Irish, so what?), and I really need to continue with the vacation I am on before I begin to plan the next one.

So the next post is my review of Much Ado About Nothing.


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