Finally did some proper sightseeing

Today was a grand day! I slept in pretty late (as you all know I love to do). Then I got a driving tour with a local friend named John. We drove around the Ring of Kerry, stopping to take pictures every so often and a stop in Kerry National Park.

The National Park was a lot of fun. It had exhibits of the traditional Irish farm. It should have been educational for a city girl like me, but I spent most of my time making friends with a local kitten that I named kitty-cow-cat. She was so cute, I almost put her in my purse and brought her back with me. John found this pretty amusing.

For those friends of mine who have commented on how ridiculously fast I like to drive on Chicago expressways, I now know how you felt. John drove really fast along winding roads over mountains and on the edge of cliffs. It was quite a walk down memory lane actually. Shawn and my dad both remember how Grandpa Boyle used to drive the Jeep in Colorado. We’d hold on for dear life while Grandpa reassured us he knew the roads like the back of his hands.

So I’ve finished rearranging my trip and it goes like this.

Valentia Island, Kerry County til May 18th.
May 18th in Killarney at a hostel (need to be at the airport early and Killarney is the most convenient location for this)
May 19th fly to London
Staying at the Green Man Hostel in Central London til May 23rd
May 23rd fly back to Kerry Airport, Ireland
Stay in Killarney for maybe two more nights
May 25th go to Cork and stay in another Hostel
June 1st bus to Galway and stay in Hostel til Flight back on June 6th
Then back home to Chicago!

By this time, I will be out of money and need three days of sleep. But it will be worth it.

I’d post pictures from my sightseeing today but left my camera in my room upstairs and too tired to get it. Sorry everyone.


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