preparing for Ireland adventure…

So I have my airfare, my room to stay at, bus routes that I need, but not the mindset to pack for a trip over a month long. How many pairs of shoes do I bring? will I want to wear heels, will it be nice enough to wear flip flops?

Also I need a new memory card for my video camera but now idea how large of a memory cards is necessary. Then I need to find my outlet converters or buy new ones. I’ve already looked for them but they’ve totally disappeared. I also need to figure out if I should bring my regular camera or borrow a digital camera and leave the film behind. I found 8 unused rolls of film and 1 is even black and white, but I guess I can save them for another time.

Next I need to make sure bills are all paid off and that I have reminders to pay them online while I’m going. Need to go to the bank and find out the fee structure for using an ATM in a foreign country. I’m told waterproof shoes, waterproof jacket, and an umbrella would be good things to have.

Overall, I think I am way too excited about this trip and need to just go with the flow or I’ll drive myself mad. Also will suspend my facebook account. People who want to keep in touch can follow my blog, twitter, and chat on aim.

I think the packing thing will drive me nuts. How much clothes do I drag along with me? Will I even have a washer and dryer to do my laundry while I’m there?

Also need to add a video of my fav song! Enjoy!


One thought on “preparing for Ireland adventure…

  1. I don't think you can be too excited for this trip. If it's a lifetime thing you've always wanted to do, then your level of excitement is appropriate.And the planning aspect is nice, but the things you don't plan are likely the things you'll get the best memories from.I look forward to your bloggings.

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