Colleen’s Bucket List

Making a bucket list so I can do the things I’ve always wanted and keep track. Will update and cross things off as I go along, may even add more.


Eat a traditional Irish Breakfast (wish I didn’t look up the definition of Black Pudding)
Go Skydiving
Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto
Do something regrettable in Vegas
Travel from London to Paris on the underwater train (channel tunnel)
Run in an 8K Race
Go to Mardi Gras
Visit a small Irish countryside town or Galway
Volunteer/Tutor young children or be a mentor
Ice Skate on the United Center
Visit a country in Asia
Spit into the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls
See a Shakespeare play performed live
Ride an Elephant in a Foreign Country
Drive a car on the left side of the road (legally)

Feel free to make suggestions for new things on my list or join me in achieving some of these things.


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