The importance of Proofreading

I decided I wanted to post a blog, but I wasn’t really sure what. Then I saw on TV some written text about a woman (at the end of the show Intervention), and it said “he”. I became immediately annoyed that people don’t proofread well enough.

This was something that bothered me a week or two ago after reading a pdf article for a class. It referred to the terrorist attacks on “September 9, 2001,” and as I read past this date, I doubled back and looked again. I don’t remember September 9th 2001, but I do remember two days later when a terrorist attack did hit America. Now, I am very sure that the World Trade Center was still standing at the end of the 9th.

After complaining to a few people about what I thought, I said to myself, It’s ok. Maybe it was overlooked in the first edition. But then I checked the info about the book the article was pulled from and saw that it was a second edition. This angers me. A little bit of proofreading goes a long way in my opinion.

Maybe I am being too cocky or hot headed about these things. But when you screw up the date of a major RECENT event or one of three sentences on the TV screen, it becomes a problem of laziness. Oh well, I am done complaining now.

On to other news, I went to a massage school to get a free massage from a friend. She is in school for it and needed to gain practice hours. I felt like it’d be nice and relaxing while still helping a friend. A massage isn’t something I’d shell out the money for considering my tight budget right now.

It was very nice and relaxing. I even brought my good friend Stephanie since she’s been my hair stylist for so long and deserves a little pampering (in my opinion). I had an hour to kill while she was getting her massage and made the mistake of not bringing a school book to work on homework (and I always have a book with me).

They had bookshelves in the lounge area, so I spent some time looking through. Most were very religious orientated books. A few were older feminist books from the 80’s. I looked through it and was reading a little about meditation for women who need to clear their minds. This idea intrigued me.

I knew that if I start meditating, my boyfriend will laugh and call me a hippie. But at the same time, I find myself very overwhelmed and anxious with my thoughts and planning and getting things done. While I am a very busy person, I began to wonder if meditating could help me organize my mind to take life one step at a time. I almost ordered a book on amazon about meditation but decided to go to the library and find a book (saving my money and all).

Funny enough, I went to library tonight and picked out a book. At the counter was a high school friend that I hadn’t seen in years. This delighted me to see her. Now it makes me think about how my friend going to massage school ending in me going to the library and seeing an old friend. It all sort of lead me to library and to check out meditation. I haven’t even read the book but am happy I went and checked it out.


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